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J Boult Designs

Upcycled Whisky Stave Coaster & Glencairn Glass

Upcycled Whisky Stave Coaster & Glencairn Glass

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Introducing the Whisky Stave Coaster with Glencairn Glass by J Boult Designs: where craftsmanship meets sophistication. Elevate your whisky-tasting experience with this meticulously handmade coaster, designed to enhance the whisky tasting experience. 

Each coaster is expertly crafted from authentic whisky staves, sourced from the finest oak barrels that once held the golden nectar of aged spirits. Every coaster showcases the intricate beauty of the wood's natural grain. With its unique character and charm, no two coasters are alike, making each set a truly one-of-a-kind treasure.

Nestled within this artisanal coaster is the iconic Glencairn Glass, revered by whisky connoisseurs worldwide. Meticulously shaped to enhance the aroma and flavor profile of your favorite spirits, this glass is the epitome of elegance and functionality. Its wide crystal bowl gently cradles the whisky, allowing the rich aromas to concentrate and the delicate nuances to unfold, delivering an exquisite tasting experience with every sip.

The J Boult Designs workshop is based on the remote Morvern peninsula, in the Scottish Highlands surrounded by some of Scotland’s most renowned distilleries.

MEASUREMENTS: Each coaster is unique but they are approximately 90mm square and 2mm thick. The Glencairn glass is 110mm x 70mm

PACKAGING: The glass for the coaster is packed in a cardboard tube with a metal top and base to protect the glass. Each cardboard tube is recyclable with the J Boult Designs story written on it.


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