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Ethical sourcing - Locally sourced materials that are upcycled and recycled

J Boult Designs is committed to sustainability and environmental consciousness, and one of the ways we prioritise these values is through the use of locally sourced materials that are upcycled and recycled. By choosing to work with materials that have already been used or discarded, we reduce waste and minimise our carbon footprint. Here’s a specific list of materials and where we source them from: 

Antler - Collected from local shooting estates and gamekeepers this material is a by-product of deer management. We feel this material is particularly underrated and utilised as it is associated with deer management. Deer management is an essential part of Highland life as there are no natural predators to deer in Scotland. The cultural value of deer in Scotland is a cause that we are passionate about as we believe they are greatly undervalued and seen as “vermin”. Red deer are the largest native mammal from Britain, the byproduct of managing its population is employment in remote areas, wild venison meat and antlers. 

Bullets & shotgun cartridges - Collected from local shooting estates, clay pigeon shooting grounds and individuals. The shotgun shells in particular usually end up in landfill. We are passionate about utilising these materials as much as possible to ensure that these materials are transformed into products that are cherished for many years to come. 

Whisky stave wood - Collected from local distilleries in Scotland this is a by-product of the whisky distillation process. Originally oak barrels, reusing these pieces of wood is a fantastic material to work with. 

Slate - Collected locally from Ballachulish slate quarry. This out of action quarry is local to our workshop. We are passionate about utilising locally sourced slate to create our beloved slate cufflinks. Each pair is unique and textured, just like the Scottish skies. 

Sustainable practices in the workshop

We recognise the importance of minimising our environmental footprint. From reducing waste in our production processes to implementing energy-efficient practices in our workshop, we continuously seek ways to reduce our impact on the planet. 

Sustainable materials that we utilise to create

We are dedicated to sourcing our materials responsibly, ensuring they are ethically and sustainably obtained. We prioritise suppliers who adhere to fair trade practices. Below are some examples of sustainable and responsible sourced materials that we utilise to create our products with: 

Leather - Leather is a by-product of the meat industry, we locally source whole hides from a local Yorkshire business. 

Walnut shell leather dye - This special walnut shell dye is literally made with used walnut shells. The walnut shell dye, called van dyke crystals, is traditionally used for wood dye but works well with leather. This water based natural dye is made from walnut husks creating a natural colour to the leather ensuring each product is completely unique. 

Beeswax & Neatsfoot Oil for homemade leather rub - We make our own leather wax from our own bee’s wax and ethically sourced neatsfoot oil. The beehive is just below our workshop. This has got to be the closest material that we source. We mix the beeswax with neatsfoot oil to create a leather rub that is super supple and strong. The neatsfoot oil is oil rendered from shin bones and feet of cattle, a byproduct of beef farming.

Conscious Design

We believe in the longevity of our designs. By creating timeless pieces, we encourage our customers to cherish and enjoy their J Boult Designs pieces for years to come. We prioritise quality over quantity, ensuring that our creations are made to withstand the test of time.

Environmental Responsibility

We embrace sustainable packaging materials and strive to minimise unnecessary packaging without compromising the safety and integrity of our products.We print all our order forms on recycled brown paper, minimal printers ink and no plastic coating.

Giving back

We are passionate about giving back to the shooting and conservation community and supporting causes that align with our values. Through partnerships with charitable organisations and initiatives, we actively contribute to British conservation causes. In the past, we have donated products to  the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, British Deer Society & Scottish Gamekeepers Association.  We believe that collective action can drive positive change and are committed to using our platform to make a difference.

At J Boult Designs, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it's a core value ingrained in our DNA. We are dedicated to continuously improving our sustainability efforts and collaborating with individuals, suppliers and charities to work towards a more sustainable future.

  • Antler

    We source our red and roe deer antler from local Scottish estates. Our fallow antler is sourced from within the UK.

  • Cartridges

    We collect spent shotgun cartridges from clay pigeon grounds.

  • Packaging

    We embrace sustainable packaging materials and strive to minimise unnecessary packaging.

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