Inspired by the great Monarch of Glen classification utilised by gamekeepers, shooting enthuasists and conservationists to define different sizes of Red Deer Stags. The fourth largest deer species in the world, you can often find a herd in a Scottish Glen. Stags are the male deer, you can distinctly hear them roar scaring other stags away from the hinds (female deer) during the rutting season.

Royal (Bronze)

J Boult Designs Drawing of StagRepresenting a stag with 12 points on his antlers this beast is slender yet strong showing he’s honourable and independent nature to all around him. This part of the range comes in a robust bronze finish on the back of the cufflinks and keyrings.

Imperial (Silver)

J Boult Designs Drawing of StagStout-hearted and adventurous this 14 pointed stag boldly illustrates he’s tenacious, masculine style. The imperial part of the collection has a silver plate finish adding a sophisticated tone to a suit, a kilt or tweeds.


Monarch (Gold)

The King of the Stags, this stag has over 16 points between he’s antlers. Intrepid, he bravely represents the very definition of noble with he’s solid nature. Stags this size often have the thickest and most noticeable mane in Scotland. Illustrating this valiant beast, J Boult Designs has been inspired and presents gold plated cufflinks for each gentleman to express he’s own monarch stag from within.J Boult Designs Drawing of Stag