Top Whisky Whiskey gifts from J Boult Designs

Top Whisky Gifts from J Boult Designs

We simply love a dram! Whether it's out in the field or at home in front of the fire, the texture, warmth and taste of single malt is just perfection in itself. 

To celebrate our love of single malt, we've decided to feature three J Boult Designs products that accompany a glass or two of your favourite dram. 

Fallow antler whisky flight 
Fallow antler whiskey flight J Boult Designs
This whisky flight is the ultimate way to celebrate the beauty of single malt whilst entertaining family and friends. Each flight is handmade in our workshop from ethically sourced fallow deer antler and four crystal wee glencairn glasses. Made in the J Boult Designs workshop in a remote corner of the Western Scottish Highlands, each flight is as unique as each Fallow deer.
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Shotgun cartridge hip flask gift set 
A sombre day on the hill or a celebratory dram at the top of the Munro, this handcrafted hipflask fits easily into any day outside as well as your pocket. The leather hip flask cover with leather zip is handmade with a recycled natural walnut shell dye in the J Boult Designs workshop overlooking the scenic Sound of Mull in the Scottish Highlands.
Shotgun cartridge hip flask with leather zip
Each hipflask is presented in a recyclable cardboard tube with a funnel for an easy pour of your favourite single malt or other liquor. 
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Shotgun cartridge lanyard 
Fun and a good way to keep your keys handy during a night out on the town (after you've had a few), the Shotgun cartridge key lanyard is handmade with recycled and up-cycled materials in the J Boult Designs workshop. Each lanyard is crafted with either a stainless steel or solid brass snap hook, a spent 20 bore shotgun shell and hand dyed sturdy 4mm thick leather.
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Shotgun cartridge lanyards
The Shotgun cartridge key lanyards are available in both brass and stainless steel snap hooks
So crack open your favourite whisky and let us know where you're taking your J Boult Designs products. We simply love seeing photos of our products out there in the wild! 
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