Shotgun cartridge hip flask, Shotgun cartridge key ring, Shotgun cartridge cufflinks

Top Gifts for Father's Day

Get your old man something he is sure to love straight from the J Boult Designs workshop in the Scottish Highlands. Each piece is unique, handmade from up-cycled & recycled materials that we collect locally. We've made it easy for you, by selecting the best gifts for different Dads out there: 

Best gift for the Dad that is a tough man (that's really a softie on the inside): 

Countrymans belt The Countryman's Belt 

Resilient & tough each Countryman's belt is handmade in the J Boult Designs workshop. It is made from 4mm thick leather, with a solid brass belt buckle, and rivets rather than stitching to produce a belt that will stand the test of time for every countryman. This would be a fantastic gift for the Dad that has it all, in need of a sturdy belt. 

Best gift for the Dad that is a single malt connoisseur: 

Fallow antler whisky flight
The Fallow Antler Whisky Flight 

Beautifully handmade, each Fallow antler whisky flight is the perfect gift for the man that appreciates a wee dram after a day on the hill. Each flight is unique as each piece of antler is. Made with ethically sourced fallow antler, each flight comes with four wee Glencairn crystal glasses. 

Best gift for the Dad that treasures his Shotgun: 

Shotgun cartridge cufflinks
Shotgun cartridge cufflinks

Does your old man love his Shotgun like a child he never had? This pair of Shotgun cartridge cufflinks are the perfect gift for him! Handmade in the J Boult Designs workshop from fired shotgun cartridges and solid brass backs, each pair is presented in a black gift box. Available in three sizes: 12 bore, 20 bore, and 28 bore. 

Best Gift for the Dad that gets carried away at a Ceilidh: 

Antler kilt accessory set
Antler kilt accessory set 

For the Dad that always gets carried away on the dance floor, this set is the perfect accompaniment to his kilt, which is like another child that he is proud of. The set includes the sturdy, Red deer antler kilt pin, a handsome pair of antler cufflinks, and an antler key ring. Each piece is handmade in the J Boult Designs workshop from ethically sourced, Scottish red deer.   

Best gift for Dad that is the adventure seeker: 

Shotgun cartridge hip flask gift set 

Perfect for the tenacious Dad that can't get enough of life and simply won't let the odds stacked against him, get him off the hill, or out of the field. This hip flask filled with some warming liquor is the perfect way to keep his whistle warm and his legs going. Each Shotgun cartridge hip flask has a handmade leather cover that has been made with care in the J Boult Designs workshop. Each full leather-bound 6oz (177ml) stainless steel hip flask is made with an up-cycled 12 bore shotgun cartridge riveted into the leather. 

For the Dad that loves his truck: 

Shotgun cartridge key ring 

 A fantastic handmade keyring he is sure to love attaching his truck's keys to, each Shotgun cartridge keyring is handmade in the J Boult Designs workshop. Made from two spent 12 bore shotgun cartridges wrapped in leather and riveted together to create a neat strong keyring. Comes in a gift box. 

If this doesn't fit your Dad we've also got a full range of handmade products your Dad is sure to love. Check it out here

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