Top 5 Scottish single malts

We absolutely love a dram of whisky and with weddings already pinned in the diary for this summer, I thought why not think about some all time favourites. A simple dram after a night of dancing and merriment, with a cigar is a great way to enjoy the end of the celebration or in fact a Friday night after a long week. 

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So here's the official J Boult Designs top five Scottish single malts: 

  1. Jura - Hitting that beautiful balance between peaty and smooth, Jura is unquestionably my favourite single malt. Jura produces some of the world's best single malt, with strong peaty flavours and sweet aftertaste. Well worth a try if you haven't come across this lovely single malt. 
  2. Ardbeg - This is an absolutely stunning whisky. All Islay whiskys are exceptionally peaty and flavoursome. Ardbeg, so far, is my top choice after a night of celebrations and the activity of a ceilidh. Very peaty in flavour and smoky in smell, each sip is delightful.
  3. Glenmorangie - If I’m feeling something a little less peaty, but still equally delicious, a glass of Glenmorangie is an excellent choice. Beautifully smooth and easy to drink, each sip is palatable.   
  4. Ardmore - This excellent whisky is very reasonably priced and makes for a great mid-week in front of the fire single malt. Lightly peaty, each sip has smoky notes with spices bringing earthy and honey flavours to mind. 
  5. Tomatin Legacy - This speyside whisky is a great choice on a night out. With a sweet taste and bourbon flavours, it brings something exciting to a smooth and lightly peaty whisky.        

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Not to say that these 5 will remain for now until forever, there's always new whisky to try. I'm particularly excited to try Ardnahoe single malt, an exciting and new Islay single malt. 

What's your favourite single malt? Have you got different whisky for different occasions? 

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Product Feature

Why not have a whisky tasting with the new Fallow antler whisky flight? Handmade in our workshop in the Scottish Highlands from up-cycled Fallow antler and four mini Glencairn crystal glasses, each flight is as unique as the buck that it came from. 

Fallow antler whisky flight

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