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Comforting and definitely a crowd pleaser, a chunky burger that you can wrap your hands around is exceedingly satisfying. This recipe uses lebanese 7 spice mix in the burger with Scottish pork. I’ve experimented with many variations of game versus pork ratio and even tried different forms of fat (chicken, cheese, lots of egg, goose fat, etc) and have come to the conclusion that there is a good reason many people use pork at about a 50/50 ratio with game meat. It tastes delicious and therefore makes game burgers delicious.  Serves 4 (Makes approximately 8  burgers)  Ingredients:  The Burger  500g...

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  Seriously satisfying and fresh, this pheasant satay recipe is the real deal. It’s super zesty making for a great Spring dish to serve to your friends and family.  Note on equipment: You will need a food processor or powerful blender to make this recipe. You’ll also need a grill to cook the pheasant in.  Serves 4  Ingredients:  SATAY 100g fresh coriander  1 fresh red chilli 1 clove of garlic  3 heaped tablespoons of peanut butter 1 teaspoon of soy sauce  2cm piece of fresh ginger 1 lime  GRILLED PHEASANT 4 pheasant breasts 4 wooden skewers NOODLES  250g dried medium...

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There’s something incredibly nostalgic and underrated about stuffed peppers. If I’m in the mood for comfort and warmth in winter, stuffed venison peppers are an excellent cheesy way to get a feed without the heaviness of usual wintry meals out there.  Please note that I use goose fat as I feel adding fat sometimes to lean venison works really well. If you’d prefer to use butter or oil, feel free to substitute these out. This dish is a great way to hide some of those vegetables that tiny humans (and larger ones too) have a disdain for. I used mushrooms,...

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