View of Mull from the head of Lochaline

RE-cycle or UP-cycle?

View of Isle of Mull from the head of Lochaline

With the planet getting warmer and consumption at the centre of our ever-growing fast society, buying less and using waste products is becoming more commonplace. I’d like to think that we all are buying less, sharing more. As a small business owner, I am aware of using materials that are recycled and up-cycling waste as much as I can. As a consumer, I like products that take into consideration the environment with well designed products and ethical processes.

It is due to this, that I believe that we should choose to put our money where our mouth is and buy conscientiously with up-cycled products. This means that we know where the materials are from, how the products are made and whether they are locally bought (less of a carbon footprint). Studies show that we, in Britain, are becoming more and more like this. And this is a good thing.

In this blog post, I'm going to try and define what up-cycled means and why it is superior to re-cycling. I'll then go on to look at some other brands that we watch and love who are following the up-cycling life. Thankfully we're not the only company that sells up-cycled products made locally! 

Jamie Boult in the workshop
Traditional handmade craft skills with using waste materials  

What is up-cycling?

Up-cycling is the process of re-using waste materials, adding some design elements and transforming materials into every-day pieces. It turns something of little value into high value. We are addicted to this process. 

Why up-cycle rather than recycle?
Rather than waste being sent to a recycling centre, waste is transformed into another product with greater value. This means that the process of waste and recycling is removed, causing less impact on the environment. Further to this, it lessens the need for production of new materials in making products that we consume. 

Are there other companies that up-cycle materials? 
We’re not the only ones who are out there up-cycling thankfully.  Here are other brands that we love who up-cycle:
Whisky Frames - Always a favourite gift to give to family and friends, Whisky Frames are beautifully up-cycled whisky frames transformed into framing memories. We love the texture and simplicity of this product. A bonus as it is proudly made in Scotland.
Sword & Plough - Over the Atlantic, Sword & Plough are re-defining upcycling with creative ideas in making military waste products into beautiful pieces for you and me. Giving 10% of their profits to veterans is another extra that we love about this brand.
Stalker’s Dream - Of course, we love the simplicity and rawness of antler! Stalker’s Dream weaves together tradition with up-cycling to create handsome furniture. Proudly made in Scotland.



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