Countryman's shotgun Cartridge belt

In The Workshop - The Countryman's Belt

The new Countryman’s belt is a favourite amongst everyone - from farmers to your Uncle Harry to your old jeans. Handmade in Scotland in our local workshop in Coldstream, Scottish Borders, this belt can pack a punch or two and hold your trousers up. Tough with cartridges riveted into 4mm thick leather, we take a look into the process of making our famous leather belt.


Jamie Boult in the workshop

Before designing the Countryman's belt, I thought about what I wanted out of a belt - a thick leather belt that would withstand the test of time. I'd thought about previous belts that I'd had and then subsequently ruined (don't even ask about clothes that have been ruined in the workshop or whilst I've been outside). With this in mind, I set about designing and making a belt that would stand the test of time. 

Jamie Boult Cutting Leather for Belt

We firstly choose a shoulder of solid, thick leather and hand cut the leather into belt strips. The leather is 4mm in thickness, so safe to say it's pretty darn sturdy and can take the wear and tear thrown at it. From this, we dye the belts with our own crafted walnut dye. After this, we rivet the cartridges into the belt individually. 

Making of J Boult Designs Countryman's Belt




Finally, we rub and rub and rub the belt with local beeswax to finish the belt. The finish result is a solid leather belt for you. Each belt is unique with the leather taking the walnut dye differently and with whatever cartridges have been shot recently. 

Countryman's Shotgun Cartridge belt

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