In the workshop - From the hill to your cuff, the story behind your bullet cufflinks

In the workshop - From the hill to your cuff, the story behind your bullet cufflinks

The journey of your J Boult Designs Bullet cufflinks is an interesting one from the hill to our workshop to a recycled box to being posted to you!

In this blog post we pay homage to one of our favourite handmade products that we make. We simply love that these cufflinks are up-cycled and would otherwise be a waste material if it wasn't for the love and attention that we give it, thus transforming the bullets into a fantastic pair of cufflinks you can wear! 

The Hill 

Deerstalking J Boult Designs Deerstalking J Boult Designs








The first step of the journey behind the bullet cufflinks takes place on the hill. The bullets are a waste product from traditional Scottish deerstalking. We collect used bullets from local sporting estates, gamekeepers and deerstalkers. This means that this waste product avoids landfill and is reused to make cufflinks. 

The Workshop 

Behind the scenes bullet cufflinks J Boult Designs
The next step behind a pair of Bullet cufflinks is to bring the used bullets back to our workshop and getting them ready to become cufflinks. 
Making Bullet cufflinks J Boult Designs
We clean, cut, sort and line up the bullets getting them ready to be transformed into cufflinks. After this I then glue them to either solid brass, silver plated or gold plated backs. They are left to dry and have the final touches done to them. After this they are ready to be packed and posted. 
Bullet cufflinks upcycled J Boult Designs
Each pair of bullet cufflinks is unique. Each pair varies depending on the brand and life of the bullets.  

Packing & Posting to You 

The final step is getting the cufflinks packaged in black recycled boxes or upcycled tweed and plywood boxes. We source these from a British small businesses and make the plywood boxes in our workshop. The brass backed cufflinks are placed in the cardboard black boxes and the silver and gold plated are placed in the tweed and plywood boxes. We send each order in recycled cardboard packages and with recycled brown paper. 

Bullet cufflinks recycled packaging British J Boult Designs

J Boult Designs packaging
To get your own pair of bullet cufflinks click here.
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