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Handcrafted Whisky Gifts: Inspiring Your Whisky Experience with J Boult Designs

 At J Boult Designs, we believe that every whisky lover deserves to savor their favourite spirits in style. In this blog post, we explore the art of enjoying whisky and the perfect accompaniment of handcrafted whisky gifts from J Boult Designs. From exquisite handmade coasters to leather hipflasks, we bring together the worlds of whisky and craftsmanship, enhancing your whisky journey and making it truly unforgettable.

The Perfect Pour: Enhancing Your Whisky Experience with J Boult Designs Fallow antler whisky tasting flight

Antler whisky tasting flight

  Elevate your whisky tasting experience with the J Boult Designs Fallow antler whisky flight. Handmade in the J Boult Designs workshop overlooking the scenic Sound of Mull on the remote Morvern peninsula just south-west of Fort William in the Scottish Highlands. Reflecting upon Scottish craft heritage with an up-cycled ethically sourced fallow deer antler and four wee Glencairn crystal glasses, this unique flight is ready for a dram to be poured in! 

Adding a locally made hipflask to your Whisky Ritual

J Boult Designs handmade leatherbound hipflask

Discover the J Boult Designs Shotgun cartridge hipflask handmade from ethically sourced leather and one spent 20 bore cartridge riveted into it. The leather cover is hand dyed with natural walnut shell dye in the J Boult Designs workshop. As each cover is hand dyed, each hipflask is completely unique. 

By pouring and keeping in your pocket, your favourite dram you are creating a meaningful connection with your favourite Scottish whiskies.

Whisky and Wood: J Boult Designs' Handcrafted Whisky Barrel Coasters

Whisky stave coaster + glass
J Boult Designs' newest product, the Whisky stave coaster & glass gift set is handmade from a reclaimed whisky barrel stave and finished with a Glencairn whisky glass. This gift set showcases the rich history and character behind Scotland's finest single malt. 

Each coaster is expertly crafted from authentic whisky staves, sourced from the finest oak barrels that once held the golden nectar of aged spirits. Every coaster showcases the intricate beauty of the wood's natural grain. With its unique character and charm, no two coasters are alike, making each set a truly one-of-a-kind treasure.

Nestled within this artisanal set is the iconic Glencairn Glass, revered by whisky connoisseurs worldwide. Meticulously shaped to enhance the aroma and flavour profile of your favourite spirits. 

Celebrating Milestones: Handmade Gifts from J Boult DesignsHandmade gifts inspired by whisky

Explore our range of cufflinks, perfect for marking special occasions and with a glass of your favourite single malt close by. J Boult Designs has a fantastic range of handmade cufflinks crafted from upcycled materials such as Scottish red deer antler, cartridges, bullets and Ballachulish slate. All available with three different backings; brass, silver plated and gold plated. 

In the workshop handmade J Boult Designs

At J Boult Designs, we understand the passion and appreciation that whisky enthusiasts have for their favourite spirits. Our handcrafted whisky gifts are meticulously designed to compliment and enhance your whisky experience, adding a touch of elegance. The J Boult Designs workshop is based on the remote Morvern peninsula, in the Scottish Highlands surrounded by some of Scotland’s most renowned distilleries. From upcycled whisky stave coasters to our beautiful fallow deer antler whisky flight, our creations celebrate the craftsmanship of both whisky and design, making them perfect companions for your favourite whiskies. Inspire your whisky ritual with J Boult Designs and indulge in the beauty of handmade whisky gifts.

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