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With comfort food at the top of everyone's list this winter, I've been making food that not only nourishes the body but also feeds the soul. I feel like during this strange time that we're experiencing having a comforting feed is necessary. This recipe would work with venison, wild boar, hare or any wild red meat mince that you have available. I've tried it with moose mince and it's delicious. Adding the milk may seem like a strange ingredient, however, the milk balances the acidity in the tomatoes and also in turn helps balance any "gamey" flavours that may be...

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In Scotland, craftsmanship is a part of our DNA from weaving fabric to making tools to furniture and everything in between. In the Highlands, reusing materials is second nature even before up-cycling was trendy. There’s a running joke that balers twine is a teuchters (Lowlander Scots for Highlander) best friend fixing everything from a gate to an engine as buying new is not always better.  For every piece and design I handcraft, I want to connect its owner to the hills, glens and lochs of Scotland, back to where the piece originated, reminding them of its natural environment. In this...

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Earlier in this week, I had my first experience of roe deer stalking in a woodland located in Moray, in the Scottish Highlands. We were out to learn and help with the cull necessary in growing trees in that part of the country. We were also out to bring wild meat home to the table as well as connecting with nature. We stayed with a friend, for a few days, who rented nearby ground and managed the deer on this ground. The weather was cool with a still breeze, making it a challenge to move in a gracious and silent...

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